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Pig Rustlers in Palmerston


Three teens charged with stealing live pigs from farm.


A Palmerston area farmer is glad to have his pigs back.

Police have charged three teens with stealing pigs from the farm this week.

Police stopped a pickup truck in Elmira because the back end was riding low -- and they later found live pigs in the back of the truck.

Police allege the thieves were planning to resell them.

Three Palmerston teens -- ages 17 and 18 -- are charged with breaking and entering and possession of stolen property.


Leading edge mechanical platforms and robotic technology will finally give Canadian horticulture farmers the advantage they need to compete successfully against other highly productive growing and processing regions around the world.

That comment from Jim Brandle -- the C-E-O of Ontario's Vineland Research and Innovation Centre.

He says these types of technologies can be used for packaging of cut flowers and other labour intensive greenhouse activities.

Mechanical platforms for tree fruits are already proving their value in orchards across Italy -- where the technology is being utilized 10 months of the year for thinning, summer pruning and harvesting.


A trader with Bunge Limited says Canadian farmers will likely plant a record number of canola acres this spring.

Nicholas Hoyt told those in attendance at GrainWorld that we could see 19 and a half million acres of canola planted, with up to 20.5 million if weather conditions are ideal.

Hoyt says it comes back to how much China imports.


Producers in Saskatchewan are being warned about increasing populations of wheat midge.

The Agriculture department says areas of infestation indicating more than 600 wheat midge per square metre may result in significant damage and yield loss.


The Elite Barley program -- which honours top producers of malt barley in Canada -- offers an interesting window into the best management techniques of growers.

It also provides an inside view on how they managed to produce malt in a tough weather year on Canada's prairies in 2010.

The program recently named the 10 farmers selected by industry as top producers for the year -- and 7 of them are from Saskatchewan.


And a beetle smaller than a sesame seed is boring its way into Kona coffee beans and threatening the nation's only coffee growing region's premiere crop.

More than 600 farmers in North Kona and South Kona -- on the west side of Hawaii's Big Island -- are preparing to coat their fields with a suffocating fungus to protect their livelihoods.



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