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New Food Label Rules


Health Canada expands food labels for allergens, gluten, sulphites.


New Health Canada rules expand food labels to specify allergens, gluten and sulphites.

The department says the new labels will require manufacturers to clearly list the presence of such substances.

The regulations require the use of plain words, such as wheat or milk.

The changes are aimed at protecting the six per cent of young children and four per cent of adults who suffer from food allergies.


A pollster says Canadian consumers generally don't support innovation on the farm.

David Herle of the Gandalf Group says people are most comfortable with traditional farming practices that yield the most natural food possible.

He says the public is leery of the idea of genetically modifying food.

Herle adds the adoption of new technology at the farm level is perceived as industry driven.


Cattle associations in five provinces have agreed to a proposal to combine three industry groups into a single independent marketing organization.

The proposed name for the new organization is "Canada Beef''.

The change would combine the Beef Information Centre, Canada Beef Export Federation and the Canadian Beef Cattle Research, Market Development and Promotion Agency.


Our federal government is spending 250 thousand dollars to help Saskatchewan's Herb and Spice Association develop traceability tools.

Agriculture Canada says a traceability system helps protect the quality of the food supply and access new markets.

The money will be spent on template documents and manuals to help producers and pickers meet traceability requirements.


And European governments are moving closer to adopting low level tolerance policies for genetically modified material.

Richard Phillips -- the Executive Director of the Grain Growers of Canada -- says there will always be a small amount corn dust, or canola dust, or soybean dust in shipments.

He says low level tolerances are needed to ensure that Canada doesn't experience another sudden border closure.


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