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Farmer Focus on the Loonie


Farmers should be thinking about impact of higher loonie.


Farmers should be thinking about the impact of the loonie being on par with the American greenback.

That statement from farm economist Mary Lou McCutcheon of the Synthesis Agri-food Network.

McCutcheon says it's critical for business owners to understand what their risk is and then come up with a strategy to manage around that risk.

McCutheon says the dollar situation is different than the country of origin labelling and mad cow issues of the past.

She adds the most important impact of the high dollar is in export market opportunities -- in that it weakens Canada's competitive position.


There are different views on what constitutes proper animal shelter.

Pam Miller is the Co-ordinator for Alberta Farm Animal Care's ALERT line.

She says it is necessary to provide adequate shelter to avoid any public perception that the industry is not taking care of the animals properly.

Miller points out there is a big variation in what is considered proper shelter and it depends on the species.

For example, pigs, turkeys and chickens need to be in a shelter -- but for horses and cattle -- Miller says proper shelter could mean a windbreak.


The Canadian Wheat Board has announced this year's initial payments for wheat, durum and barley will increase on Monday.

The increase will range from 22 dollars to almost 38 dollars per tonne for wheat -- up to 44 dollars for duryam and up to 54 dollars for barley.

The payments must be adjusted for freight and elevation charges.


The United States is proposing to reward farmers who use crop insurance and demonstrate good management practices that limit their losses.

The awards -- under the Good Performance Refund plan -- would average about one thousand dollars per eligible farmer.

Spokesperson says payments would go out in the first quarter, in time to help with spring planting.

The plan will cost about 75 million dollars.



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