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Price Helps Buy Local


President of 100 Mile Market Inc says price is key to local food.


The president of Ontario based 100 Mile Market Incorporated says price is key for people to buy locally grown food.

Paul Knechtel issued a challenge in Red Deer, Alberta, this week -- try to find a local pickle.

He spoke to about 60 people at a conference -- and reported that local food in the last year has grown exponentially.

Knechtel notes the only reason people buy food from China is the price.

He adds the food industry relies on supply chains that squeeze cheap food out of producers.


Farmers can use an innovative price pace calculator to help determine their level of pricing for wheat.

The online calculator is used in conjunction with the Canadian Wheat Board's price pace -- which is released in each Pool Return Outlook.

Farmers can use this information to help decide whether their price pace is right for their farm business needs.

Producers wishing to price more or less of their wheat can do so in a variety of ways using the board's programs.

To view the calculater -- go to


Viterra is optimistic about 2011.

C-E-O Mayo Schmidt says agriculture remains at the forefront of the global economy.

He notes flooding in Australia, droughts in Argentina and potential crop damage from frost in Europe have tightened supply and pushed up commodity prices.

Viterra expects its production to reach up to 10 million tonnes -- almost double the five year average.


Cargill Limited plans to build another facility in Alberta, to supply farmers with crop inputs.

The company has also expanded grain handling capabilities in Saskatchewan.


The United Nations is urging governments not to impose export restrictions or other short term measures to cope with rising food prices.

It says they can actually make matters worse by driving global prices up.

The U-N Food and Agriculture Organization notes prices of wheat and other staples rose alarmingly in 2010.

And the group says some poor countries -- particularly in Africa -- could be at risk of deadly riots.



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