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Soybean Production Seminar


The Canadian Soybean Council hosts the seminar in Walkerton tomorrow.


There is an all day seminar about I-P Soybean Production in Walkerton tomorrow.

It takes place at the Knights of Columbus Hall and it's host by the Canadian Soybean Council.

A number of experts have been lined up to speak about I-P Soybean production -- and whether its right for your farm.

For more information or to see if you can register -- call 519-767-2472.


One Veterinarian says deep snow is posing problems for livestock owners.

Duane Landals says body condition of horses in these current weather conditions can be deceiving.

He says in some areas, livestock owners may be forced to plow the deep snow.


The Beef Research Cluster is strongly recommending livestock producers dehorn calves as early as possible.

The first reason is that the procedure is less invasive in newborn calves, so growth performance is not affected as much.

Second -- common sense and science both say that removing an established horn from an older animal is much more painful than removing the unattached horn bud from calves.

The other way to dehorn cattle is to use polled genetics.

A reliable DNA test for the horned - polled gene has not yet been developed -- but most breeds do have polled bloodlines.


Profits are up sharply at Canada's largest grainhandler.

Viterra is reporting profits of 145 million dollars for the year ending October 31st.

That's up 28 per cent from the previous year.

Viterra's sales and operating revenues reached 8.3 billion dollars -- that is up 1.6 billion from the year before.


A campaign has been launches to encourage people to eat more french fries.

The Alliance for Potato Education and Research unveiled a North American ad campaign that highlights how french fries and potatoes can be part of a healthy diet.

Potato farmer Ed Waldner says anti-fry sentiments have cut demand in recent years.

But he notes pro-potato campaigns in Europe have helped turn things around there.


Speakers at a pork seminar in Alberta are encouraging producers to apply fresh thinking to build a stronger economic future.

They admit big market factors may be largely out of their control.

But the experts say new precision farming approaches, using advocacy more effectively and dramatically modifying financing approaches are all key options.


The Canadian Wheat Board says its new WeatherFarm forecasting system is the first in the country to use automated 'nudging' techniques.

Nudging means the system uses live local weather information from a Prairie-wide network to fine-tune weather predictions.

WeatherFarm is an online weather information centre designed exclusively for the wheat board.

The board says it expects its new forecasting technology will reduce errors by as much as 50 per cent.



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