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Canadian International Farm Show


The show celebrates it's 25th year from February 8th to 10th.


The Canadian International Farm Show is getting ready to celebrate its 25th birthday in 2011.

The show will be held February 8th to 10th in Toronto.

To support future farmers --- two bursaries each worth 25 hundred dollars will be awarded at the show to two students pursuing agriculture related studies.

Once again, an award will also be given to the "Producer of the Year."


The 2011 FarmSmart Conference will be held at the University of Guelph on January 22nd.

Organizers have set up over 50 sessions for farmers -- and some of the topics focus on field crops, livestock and computer applications.

Chris St. Clair of the Weather Network is also a guest speaker.


The Canadian Cattlemen's Association says there is no proof to support rumours that embryos from a cloned animal in Britain were sold to breeders in Canada.

The group points to a probe by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency that found no evidence to support the allegation made in the British press in August.

Government officials in the United Kingdom also say that they have no record of such a sale.


Alberta's agriculture minister says it was a strong year on the grain farm -- despite a few setbacks.

Jack Hayden says yields were above average in 2010 although the numbers were marred by drought and flooding.


The Minister of Agriculture claims the Liberal government's policies have helped make Ontario more competitive.

Huron Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell points to the Green Energy Act.

Mitchell says more and more farmers are pursuing alternative energy as a way to make more money.

And while some farmers complain about the implementation of the HST -- Mitchell says others understand the benefits of streamlining the tax system.


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