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OFA Risk Management Program


The Ontario Federation of Agriculture wants a permanent program in the province.


The Ontario Federation of Agriculture is pushing for a permanent risk management program in Ontario.

President Betty Jean Crews met recently with Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan and Agriculture Minister Carol Mitchell.

Crews called on the province to cover 40 per cent of the cost for a risk management program with help from the federal government.

She wants something that builds on the success of the pilot Risk Management Program for the grains and oilseed sector.

The projected farm loss in Ontario for 2010 is 500 million dollars.

Crews also talked about farm property taxes and developing an ecological goods and services market.


The CEO of Potash Corp sees rising demand for food around the world -- pushing farmers to increase fertilizer demand and drive his business.

Bill Doyle says after an unprecendented decline in 2009 -- it saw a return to growth in 2010.

PotashCorp is the world's largest fertilizer producer.


Leaders of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture are calling on the federal government to immediately launch a review of costs associated with shipping grain by rail.

The CFA says transportation is a major expense for grain farmers.

And members also noted farmers have no alternative but to use rail to ship their grain to export positions.

The CFA argues freight rates need to be based upon actual costs, not annual revisions to outdated formulas.


Grain companies and farmers could see significant rises in fees from the Canadian Grain Commission.

The watchdog of the grains industry has had fees frozen for 20 years, which now cover only half the actual costs.

Chief Commissioner Elwin Hermanson says those fees could jump as much as 45 million dollars to meet cost recovery.

Consultation meetings will be held across Canada.


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