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Federation of Agriculture President


The Ontario President remains the same after the votes were counted.


The President of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture remains the same.

Trenton-area farmer Bette Jean Crews is back for her third term for another year after getting the votes at this week's OFA convention in Toronto.

Vice President Don McCabe also made a run for the job and finished a close second.


The Canadian Beef Export Federation predicts it could be worth more than 10 million dollars a year.

Our federal government has negotiated a new deal with the European Union.

It will give Canadian beef producers duty free access to a 20 thousand tonne beef export quota in the European market.


There's also a new understanding over beef hormones.

The agreement will add 32 hundred tonnes to the current quota and provide compensation for the EU's ban on beef from animals administered growth hormones.

Industry officials say producers are willing and able to meet the EU demand for hormone free beef immediately.



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