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Farmland Disappearing


NFU claims corporations taking farmland.


The National Farmers Union says corporations are scooping up Canadian farmland at an alarming rate.

The N-F-U says the trend is putting even more pressure on struggling family farms.

The group says governments should only allow people who live in a province to own farmland there.

The N-F-U says governments should tax family farms at a lower rate than what corporations pay on farmland.


There is a push to make sure you buy and plant local flowers.

The Executive Director of pickOntario Dean Shoemaker says their campaign is just like the food campaign to buy local.

Shoemaker says by doing so -- you will support local producers, find a fresher product and leave less of a carbon footprint.

He says the flower industry is one of the largest sectors of the agriculture industry at over 500-million dollars.

And they employ over 10 thousand people in Ontario.


And lots of rain is causing lots of headaches for Saskatchewan cattle producers.

One farmer has lost 15 per cent of his calves this year due to problems with wet land.

The calves are getting sick with scours -- it causes diarrhea, and the cold and wet is also causing pneumonia.



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