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Fed Programs Frustrate Farmers


CFIB survey shows federal support programs not helping farmers.


Farmers are still frustrated with Canada's support programs.

In a recent survey by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business -- farmers expressed a high level of frustration with the Business Risk Management program.

Marilyn Braun-Pollon -- the Vice President of Agri Business -- says farmers say the agri stability program is not worth the money...

The biggest complaints from farmers are the taxes are too high and there is too much paperwork and red tape.


Ontario's agriculture ministry says some areas of southwestern Ontario have suffered from heavy rain this month but grain crops generally look good.

Peter Johnson says rains have held up bean planting and crop spraying in Watford and Glencoe -- which are the hardest-hit areas.

He adds about 95 per cent of soybeans have been planted and the winter wheat harvest should begin in the second week of July.


More than 30 municipalities in Saskatchewan have declared themselves "agricultural disaster areas'' because they are too wet for farmers to plant crops.

Problem regions are mostly in the northeast and east-central part of the province.

The government's latest water advisory says some areas received twice as much precipitation then usual in May.


The European Union has set out tough standards for biofuels sold in its countries.

Biofuel makers must prove they do not create greenhouse gas emissions or destroy forests or wetlands.

The rules take effect immediately.



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