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Mad Cow Lawsuit


Ontario lawyer launches BSE lawsuit.


An Ontario lawyer -- who is spearheading a billion dollar plus class action lawsuit -- says it could take five to ten years to settle.

Cameron Pallett says the lawsuit is against the federal government -- claiming losses by 135 thousand cattlemen from the B-S-E crisis of 2003.

Pallett claims Ottawa was negligent in its monitoring for BSE.

pallet encourages farmers to sign a petition -- asking the federal government to appoint a mediator to settle the lawsuit early.


Speaking of diseases -- the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has removed quarantines from two British Columbia farms.

The quarantines were imposed after three beef cows were classified as "reactors'' -- or suspect -- on brucellosis tests conducted at a U-S slaughterhouse.

Additional tests determined that the original reactions appear to have been caused by another bacterium that is known to create false-positive test results.

Animals on both B-C farms were also tested -- with negative results.

Canada has not had a confirmed brucellosis case since the 1980's.


Agricultural producers and labour experts are meeting in Calgary tomorrow to discuss how to deal with a looming shortage of farm workers.

A federal study released last year estimates that Canadian producers will require an additional 50 thousand non-seasonal and 38 thousand seasonal workers by 2013.

The Canadian Agricultural Human Resource Council event will focus on how producers can attract qualified and motivated workers to fill those jobs.

The meeting will also include discussions on skills training and how to retain farm workers.


The federal and Manitoba governments are funding the research and development of eco-friendly paper.

A company receiving funds -- Prairie Pulp and Paper -- is making a paper product made from agricultural crop byproducts.

The company recently finished testing 3 thousand sheets -- and with the funding -- production is expected to hit 200 thousand for further testing.


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