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New Chair of Wheat Board


Alberta grain farmer named Chair of Canadian Wheat Board.


Agricultural marketing experts say export-based agricultural industries will feel the pinch of rising interest rates.

The Bank of Canada has announced a quarter-point increase in its key rate to half of one percent.

Tyler Fulton of Manitoba Pork Marketing Co-op says the change will increase demand for the Canadian dollar, driving up its value.

And Fulton says that is going to cost livestock producers.


An international group is raising questions about how farm animals are transported in Canada.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals says in some cases animals are suffering due to lax enforcement of the federal Health of Animals Act.

The group noted there is only one Canadian Food Inspection Agency animal inspector for every two million animals that are slaughtered each year.

The group also cited C-F-I-A statistics that show severely injured, crippled and sick animals are transported in contravention of regulations.


An Alberta grain farmer is the new Chair of the Canadian Wheat Board.

Allen Oberg from Forestburg, Alberta has been elected to the post.

Oberg says farmers want to be firmly in control of their marketing organization and we will work to ensure that farmers are clearly in the driver's seat.

He replaces Larry Hill of Swift Current, Saskatchewan.


A flap over whether to allow backyard chicken coops in Calgary has laid an egg at city hall.

The city has ruled against the idea, meaning Calgarians who have chickens now have 30 days to get rid of them.

A city committee heard Wednesday from health experts who say chickens breed diseases shouldn't be raised in a backyard environment.

Toronto, Halifax and Waterloo have also rejected the backyard chicken coop idea.


The B-C Dairy Council has a big smiling moo-stache after signing a deal with top athletes to endorse the importance of drinking milk for fitness.

Olympic champion Simon Whitfield and other top Canadian triathletes say their drink of choice after a workout is chocolate milk.

Turns out studies have shown drinking chocolate milk actually benefits an athlete's recovery from training for the gruelling sport that combines swimming, cycling and running.

Kurt Innes of Triathlon Canada says drinking chocolate milk helps the body rehydrate and rebuild muscle that has been sapped of energy during rigorous exercise.  



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