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Farm Equipment Sales Steady


Many farmers plan to spend same or more on equipment.


Farm Credit Canada has released numbers that suggest farm equipment sales are holding pretty steady.

About 42 per cent of those surveyed say they intend to spend more on farm equipment than they did last year, while 45 per cent say they'll spend roughly the same amount.

Only about 14 per cent of producers say they'll spend less.

Darren Bly, vice-president of F-C-C, says the results were somewhat surprising.

He says 2008 was a strong year for sales and to see that trend continue is a bit surprising, since grain prices have dropped.


An Ontario-based research institute is analyzing whether there would be benefits to doing optional testing for mad cow disease before or after slaughter.

The George Morris Centre in Guelph will help to determine whether pre or post-market testing would allow access to export markets that are currently closed to Canadian beef.

Dr. Neil Cashman, scientific director of PrioNet Canada, says the country's economic losses stemming from the B-S-E crisis that hit the industry in 2003 were significant.

He says research like this is needed to support Canada's beef industry.

Cashman says this type of analysis helps determine how consumer confidence can be restored.


The federal government has announced a new subsidy program aimed at making healthy food more affordable for residents in the North.

The Nutrition North Canada program replaces an older program.

Eggs, fruits, vegetables, meat and milk will be eligible for a higher rate of subsidies under the new program.

It's expected to be fully implemented by next April.


Farmers in central Alberta are planting canola as part of campaign to deal with world hunger.

The producers from the Ponoka area say they will donate their crop to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

The bank is actually a group of 15 Canadian church agencies that help people in developing countries.

The Ponoka Foodgrains Project is one of 83 similar projects across the prairies.



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