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More Battles for Labelling


Canada is prepared to fight American labelling laws.


It's another step in Canada's fight against American country-of-origin labelling legislation on meat products.

The World Trade Organization has appointed three members to a panel to review whether the U.S. labelling requirements violate international trade rules.

Canada says the laws restrict market access and act as a technical barrier to trade.

The U-S legislation brought in 2008 has had a devastating effect on the livestock sector in western Canada.


Profits are up at farm equipment manufacturer John Deere.

The Illinois-based company is reporting a 16 per cent increase in profits for the second-quarter.

The company credits the jump partly to increased sales of large tractors and combines.

John Deere is so bullish it has upped its sales growth projections this year to 13 per cent overall and up to 10 per cent in Canada and the U-S.


The Ontario whiskey industry is doing its part to support local and provincial corn producers.

Corn is the main ingredient in the manufacture of Canadian Rye Whiskey and the industry in Ontario uses more than 120 thousand tonnes of corn every year.

Jan Westcott is the President and CEO of Spirits Canada and says a local Collingwood whiskey manufactuer goes out of its way to use locally grown corn.

Westcott says now there appears to be a better balance in the market with the Whiskey industry demanding top quality corn and the lesser quality material being used for ethanol production.


The Farm Products Council of Canada has a new leader.

The federal government has appointed Laurent Pellerin as the new chairman of the council, which helps manage the supply of chicken, turkey and eggs in Canada.

Pellerin is a hog and serial farmer in Quebec and is the former president of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture. 



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