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National Farmers Union issues warning


The National farmers union warns of a dire year in farming.


The national farmers union out with a dire warning for the upcoming year.  Ontario Coordinator and Grey County farmer Sean McGivern says Agriculture Canada is projecting that 2010 will be the worst year in history for Ontario farmers...worse than the dirty 30s.
He says a growing number of farm sectors are in crisis: hogs, cattle, and most crops.  The operating income projection for the average Canadian cattle farm is in the red by more than 5 thousand dollars..and for hog farmers is close to 2 thousand.
He says farmers are essentially working for nothing, while supporting their families with off-farm jobs.
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada projections released last week show that Ontario farmers can expect to record a net income this year of totalling negative 458 million dollars. 

------------------Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz reaffirmed the Government's commitment to the Canadian red meat sector in his keynote address at the Canadian Meat Council's 90th Annual Conference.
He says If packers are competitive and profitable, our farmers will benefit through stronger markets and our economy will benefit through new jobs."
The Government is helping the red meat sector become more competitive and profitable by investing in long term, innovative solutions, including more than 6 million dollars for a beef research cluster and 75 million under Canada's Economic Action Plan to help processors upgrade their plants, handle older cattle and develop long-term solutions to reducing the costs of specified risk material. 

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