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Warning for Food Seasonings


Warning about salmonella in several food seasonings.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning the public not to consume several food seasonings that may be contaminated with Salmonella.

Spike Instant All Purpose Seasoning and Spike Vegit Magic Gourmet Seasoning may have been distributed nationally.

These foods contain dry powder and paste which have been recalled in the U-S and Canada by Basic Food Flavors Incorporated due to Salmonella contamination.


The pork industry says its hopeful China's decision to reopen its markets to live Canadian hogs will help the industry.

The Canadian Pork Council says the market is worth up to 50-million dollars a year in sales.

China closed its market to pork imports last year over concerns about H-1-N-1.

The World Health Organization says such trade restrictions were unnecessary. 


New Brunswick and Ottawa are investing in maple syrup production in the province.

The two levels of government are together investing more than 2.6 million dollars into nine companies.

The New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association says the cash will help producers expand their operations and increase exports.

The association also wants the province to allow producers to be able to tap maple trees on Crown land.


Seasonal agricultural workers in Quebec have had their rights to unionize upheld by the Quebec Labour Relations Board.

The board says all 27 thousand farms workers in the province, including migrants and seasonal workers, have the right to join unions.

The board ruled that part of Quebec's labour code that limited union membership to year-round employees is unconstitutional.

The United Food and Commercial Workers brought the case forward.


RCMP are investigating conditions at an Alberta slaughterhouse after animal welfare activists were sent a video they say shows horses suffering.

The Mounties received a complaint about a Bouvry Exports slaughterhouse in Fort MacLeod three weeks ago.

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition first raised concerns about conditions at the slaughterhouse last month.

Executive Director Sinikka Crosland says the horses are shot and hoisted up by one leg while fully conscious.


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