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Harvesting A New Crop


Farmers can learn more about producing solar energy.


There is an information meeting today for farmers who are intestered in producing solar energy.

Agris Cooperative is launching Agris Solar Co-operative - where farmers can invest in solar energy.

The company is holding an information meeting at the Harrison Legion today.

General Manager Jim Campbell says farmers can learn how to invest in solar energy without the expense of buying equipment on their own.


The federal government is promising to develop an action plan to help Canada's food processing industry by the end of the year.

The plan includes spending money on new technology to make the sector more competitive.

The government says it will also consult with the industry before changing rules that government the use of terms such as "Product of Canada'' and "Made in Canada.''

Agriculture Canada says it will also do more to promote Canadian food products abroad. 


The Canadian government and the canola industry are spending 1 and a half million dollars to ensure that canola seed exports to China remain strong.

Up to 1 million dollars has been earmarked to address concerns over blackleg -- a fungal disease in canola seed.

Last year, China limited imports of Canadian canola because of the disease.


The research branch of Agriculture Canada spent 1 million dollars on equipment for a project that was never funded.

Auditor general Sheila Fraser says the purchase of the mass spectrometer was one example of weak financial management and control in the research branch of the federal department.

In three projects studied -- bad planning resulted in confusion for Agriculture Canada's partners, including "significant loss of goodwill as a result.''


Viterra -- one of Canada's largest grain handlers -- is investing up to 25 million dollars in a joint venture to build a canola crushing facility in China.

Construction is expected to start next month and continue for about 18 months.

The canola operations are expected to crush about 2 thousand metric tons of canola each day.


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