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16 Year Battle for Bruce Farmers


Chepstow farmers looking for Justice at Supreme Court.


It's been a 16 year battle for a Chepstow area farm family, and they are not giving up the fight yet.

Dairy Farmers Ben and Maria Berendsen sued the province for the contamination of their original Teviotdale area farm and initially won a 1.7 million dollar settlement.

That was overturned in December by the Ontario Court of appeal.

They claimed buried highway reconstruction waste contaminated their farm land  and well water and caused serious health problems in their dairy cattle.

Lawyer Richard Lindgren says its been a tough long battle.

Lindgren says just last week a panel of three judges decided to look at the merits of the case.

He says they should know by late May or early June whether the Supreme court will hear their case.


Ontario's Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has announced a new freezing and frost prevention prototype.

Vineland has contracted with Raytheon to install a system that uses low-level radiowave heat to prevent frost and freezing damage to crops.

Energy is transmitted from towers located in an orchard or vineyard changing the energy balance that slows cooling to prevent freeze damage.


The Canadian Pork Council says the strong Canadian dollar continues to disadvantage the Canadian pork industry in international markets.

President Jurgen Preugschas says the strong Canadian dollar is problematic for anyone exporting out of this country.

He says because of the strong Canadian dollar -- U-S producers will turn a profit more quickly than Canadian producers.

He says this will make the American industry much stronger financially.


The federal government has announced funding for farmers in Manitoba and Atlantic Canada.

Ottawa has invested roughly 570-thousand dollars in Country Meat and Sausage in Manitoba to expand their hog production facility.

There's also 70 thousand dollars for the Antigonish Abattoir -- to help upgrade their plant equipment.



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