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Farmers Prepare For Meetings


Mid West Ontario Agri Fair begins tomorrow in Chesley.


The Ontario Agriculture Sustainability Coalition says Ontario's local food supply is in jeopardy.

And it says thousands of families, farms and processing jobs are threatened.

The coalition says urgent government action is needed to ensure that Ontario agriculture is sustainable.

About 200 farmers are expected to attend a town hall meeting on Tuesday in Stratford to discuss the issue.


Tomorrow marks the start of the 27th Mid Western Ontario Agri Fair in Chesley.

The annual event kicks off at noon Tuesday at the CheslEy Community Centre and again is sponsored by the local Kinsman's club.

Club member and organizer Bill Guardhouse says this years two day event promises to be bigger and better with about 20 new exhibitors taking part.

Guardhouse says this is a good chance for farmers to meet producers and suppliers.

He says several of them will be highlighting some of the solar power options available to farmers who can then generate electricity that can then be sold back to to the province.

Guardhouse says there is a lot of interest in this proposal as farmers can generate some extra income from their solar investment.


A coalition of protesters is seeking a reprieve for prison farms that are earmarked for closure by the federal government.

Members of the Campaign to Save Prison Farms appeared before the Commons public safety committee last week.

They asked that the 6 facilities across Canada not be phased out over the next two years.

The farms have been providing work for inmates since the 1880's -- but Corrections Canada officials say they are no longer an effective form of rehabilitation.


Researchers in the U-S are working on bringing stemless cherries to market.

They're in the second year of a 4 year project to develop a mechanical harvester that could save growers money on harvest costs and remove stems that can damage the fruit during shipment.

Researchers are looking at what types of sweet cherries are most easily dislodged from their stems, and studying consumer acceptance of stemless cherries.



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