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Nominees for Farm Award


Seven people have been nominated for Tommy Cooper award.


Seven names in the hopper for this year's Tommy Cooper award.

The Tommy Cooper award goes to the person who has made the greatest contribution to agriculture and rural living.

It commemorates the late Tommy Cooper, a well known provincial government agricultural representative in the area who was instrumental in founding the Grey Bruce Livestock co-operative.

Nominees this year are:

Donald McNalty of RR 2 Singhampton. He is nominated by the Feversham Agricultural society. Don is currently the President of the Bluewater Angus Association, and he is 2nd Vice President of the Feversham Ag Society.

Allen Hughes of RR 2 Meaford has been nominated by the Grey county Federation of Agriculture.  He is currently a director of the Federation and is a Past President. Allen was also chair of Marketing and promotion for the 2004 IPM.

The Bruce county federation of Agriculture has nominated Jack Riley of Paisley. He has been a member of the Federation for 35 years, he is a past chair of the Bruce county plowmen's association. Riley is also director on the Saugeen Conservation authority.

Denise Edwards of RR 6 Markdale and Alex Leith of RR 4 Durham. They are co-nominees who have been an integral part of the rural leadership team in Grey county. Employed by OMAF they always went beyond the call of duty to work with the rural community.

Carl Weber of RR 1 Ayton is nominated by the Normanby Plowmen's Association.  Weber was a member of the 2004 Grey county International Plowing match executive and he has worked for years with youth thru the Grey county and Ontario 4-H.

The Egremont and Proton federation of agriculture nominated Conn area pork producer Wayne Caughill. He is a former chairman of Grey county pork producers and is currently an executive member of the Grey county federation of agriculture.

This year, the Award Ceremony will be held Friday, April 16th 2010 starting at 6:30 PM at the Elmwood Community Centre. 


The federal government is providing more than 50-thousand dollars to help the Turkey Farmers Association update its on-farm food safety program.

The program provides farmers with a course outlining potential food safety hazards and best management practices to reduce risks.


A few hundred cattle producers are upset with the federal government's handling of the B-S-E crisis in 2003.

They've put together a class-action lawsuit alleging Ottawa was negligent in its handling of the crisis.

One producer, Randy Kaiser, argues some of the programs they put into place weren't effective.

He says the economic toll on the industry is 30 billion dollars in the last 7 years.


The U-S Department of Agriculture says farmers will plant a record high soybean crop this year.

The department says farmers will also boost the amount of corn acres they seed by 3 per cent.

The result will increase overall grain reserves to unexpectedly high levels and drive down food prices.



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