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More Funding for Cattlemen


Federal government gives Canadian Cattlemen six million dollars.


Time is running out to register for the Profitable Pasture Conference in Elmwood next Monday.

The Ontario Forage Council is hosting the meeting to help farmers focus on pasture management and look at the most economical and practical ways ot utilize pasture systems.

To register -- call 1-877-892-8663 as the deadline is tomorrow.

The cost is 35 dollars and includes a hot roast beef dinner.


The federal government is giving the Canadian Cattlemen's Association six million dollars for beef research.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says the money will help make sure new breakthroughs in beef research will make the industry more profitable.

The Beef Cluster will pull together the scientific expertise for research that will help Canada's beef and cattle industry address challenges the sector has faced in recent years.

Research will focus on key priorities the sector has identified: reducing production costs, increasing feed efficiency and decreasing the impact of animal health issues.


The Canadian canola industry is taking steps to regain full access to the U-S canola meal market.

Dave Hickling, of the Canola Council of Canada, says the industry is working together with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to address concerns about salmonella.

Last fall, the U-S Food and Drug Administration put several Canadian canola crushing plants on its import alert list, effectively closing the border to canola meal from these plants.

Despite the meal having no contact with the human food supply, the F-D-A has said it has no plan of changing its zero tolerance policy.


More farmers are switching to two-way radio systems due to poor cellphone coverage in parts of southern Manitoba.

Rory Broder of Alcom Electronic Communications says poor cell service is the main complaint from producers.

He notes there are many situations where cell service is simply unavailable while working on the field or out in pastures.

Poor communication leads to poor employee co-ordination and can lead to compromised workplace safety.

He notes two-way radio technology has become much more affordable and easier to use over the last decade.



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