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Farm Meetings Galore


Many farmers will be off the fields and have little in budget.


There wasn't a lot for farmers in the Conservative government's budget.

Some of the same programs will remain in place.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty also continued to push ahead with the Conservative plan to eliminate tarriffs on machinery and equipment.


A Growing Your Profits workshop is being held today at the Grey County Agricultural Services Centre in Markdale.

The program looks at farmers management practices and helps them develop realistic action plans.

You must pre-register for these workshops.

There are more farmers meetings and conferences around the province.

Hundreds of dairy farmers are attending the first North American Conference on Precision Dairy Management.

It is being held in Toronto and a several new technical machines and developments are on display to help dairy farmers.

In Kitchener -- the FarmON Alliance has partnered with FoodNet Ontario to help new farmers and how they can connect with food markets to sell their products.

And the Ontario Veal Association is also hold its annual general meeting today in Stratford.


Farm Credit Canada has tightened its spending rules after coming under criticism for it's corporate expense practices.

A recent report showed the agency spent nearly 600 hundred thousand dollars over the past two years on employee recognition trips to places like Disney World.

Travel and hospitality expenses for top executives were over half a million dollars.

This report led federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz to call for a review of F-C-C's spending policies earlier this week.


Researchers say the varroa mite is emerging as the leading culprit in the death of honey producing insects in Ontario.

Scientists at the University of Guelph monitored colonies in six southern Ontario counties.

They counted the bees, weighed the colonies to gauge their food reserves and tested the bees for various mites and fungus.

They found varroa mites were associated with more than 85 per cent of colony deaths.

The beekeeping industry does treat for the varroa mite, but with varying degrees of success.


The Canadian Wheat Board holds its annual farmer forums over the next few weeks.

Board Chair Larry Hill says the meetings offer producers an opportunity to share their ideas and concerns with their directors.

He expects much of the discussion will revolve around low wheat and barley prices. 



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