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Opportunities for Farmers


Farmers can learn about funding and program opportunities.


Grey Bruce farmers can learn more about funding and program opportunities they have.

The Grey Agricultural Services Centre in Markdale is holding a workshop with experts next Wednesday.

But you have to register by Monday by calling 986-3756.

There will be staff from the Stewardship Council, the MNR, Ducks Unlimited, the Conservation Authority and the Ontario Source Water Protection group.

Farmers can also learn more about the Environmental Farm Plan, Growing Your Farm Profits, Business Risk, Food Safety and Traceability Initiatives.


The Canadian hog industry welcomes a federal move to extend the deadline for the hog loan program from March 1st to March 26th.

The Canadian Pork Council is also happy Ottawa will increase the government's share of the risk to 90 per cent on loans used to repay cash advances.

The hog industry has seen a 4.3 per cent decrease in its breeding herd last year -- reflecting high costs and American policies.

The Canadian hog inventory is the lowest in 12 years.


Environment Canada is set to announce that the University of Guelph has successfully satisfied the requirements of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act -- allowing the Enviropig to be produced using approved containment procedures.

The Enviropig was the first transgenic animal created to solve an environmental problem of phosphorus pollution in surface and groundwater.

The pigs are genetically modified so that they can utilize a normally indigestible form of phosphorus in feed grains.

As a result, they produce manure that is more environmentally friendly.

Published scientific studies have confirmed phosphorus levels that are 30 to 65 per cent lower than those of regular pig manure.


A University of Tennessee professor says current North American farm policy is to blame for volatile markets over the last few years.

Doctor Daryll Ray says current payment based agricultural policy has lead to exaggerated price swings where prices plummet when supply exceeds demand and explode when demand outstrips supply.

Ray believes grain reserves should be reintroduced.

Rather than issue payments to producers when prices to plummet -- he argues reserves could be used to control the price and prevent exaggerated movement in the market.


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