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Green Incentives for Farmers


Funding available as several farmers attend meetings.


The Grey Agricultural Service Centre is hosting three different courses for farmers over the next few weeks.

The first one is tonight -- about a social and media networking course.

Farmers can learn how to use facebook and twitters sites to grow their profits.

For more information -- call 986-3756.

The Ontario Cattlemen's Association begins its two day annual meeting today in Toronto.

The Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention is also being held today and tomorrow at Brock University in St. Catherine's.


There are incentives for Canadian farmers who go green.

The federal government is offering financing to agriculture producers and agribusiness operators who want to use renewable energy sources.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says there are energy sources "all around Canadian farmyards'' and Ottawa wants to help farmers invest in the technologies needed to tap those opportunities.

Ritz says the Farm Credit Canada Energy Loan will be good for the environment and for farmers' bottom lines.


Hog numbers across Canada continue to drop.

Jurgen Preugshas of the Canadian Pork Council says massive attrition continues throughout the industry as producers realize they can't afford to continue.

He says the futures have improved since fall, but they're still not at break-even levels for most producers.

The council is anticipating annual production in Canada will drop from around 31 million to 25 and a half million in the next four years.

The Canadian Pork Council also reports Canadian consumption of American pork is on the rise.


Large global stocks of wheat have pushed down prices as much as five dollars a tonne in the Canadian Wheat Board's lasted price outlook.

The southern hemisphere harvest is mainly complete.

Argentina and Brazil had difficult harvest weather affecting grain quality -- which should support import demand.

The International Grains Council expects a one per cent decline in world wheat area in 2010.


Canadian grain movement this winter is described as reasonably good.

Canadian Wheat Board Chair Larry Hill says virtually all of the hard red spring wheat will be moved to market by the end of the crop year on July 31st.

But he says there will likely be more carry over of durum because of uncertain markets.

The price outlook is not rosy where ample world supplies are weighing on the market -- particularly durum.


The 20th annual GrainWorld Conference is underway this week in Winnipeg.

The event brings together farmers, academics and policy makers from the grain, oilseed and livestock industries.

Chair Bruce Burnett says changing food trends will be the focus of an address by futurist Richard Worzell.

Other speakers will discuss the global economic recovery.

The conference will include market outlooks for all the major grains and livestock categories.


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