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More Support for Carol Mitchell


OFA President likes new Ontario Agriculture Minister.


Ontario Federation of Agriculture President Bette Jean Crews welcomes the appointment of Huron Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell as agriculture minister.

Crews says Mitchell should have a grasp of the industry and it's goals for the future because of her agriculture back ground.

Crews says the OFA is cautiously optimistic about the use of wind farms to create energy in this province.

Crews says the new minister will have some tough issues right off the bat in Business Risk Management Programs and AgriStability.


A spokesperson for Canfax says Canada is finally at a point where there is a real reduction in beef production.

Scott McKinnon says that until now -- the drop in fed cattle production was masked by an increase in cow and non-fed slaughter.

Cannon notes cattle slaughter plants in the northern states are turning to other sources for beef as a result of country of origin labelling legislation.

He says the law and the drop in Canadian fed-cattle numbers have forced companies to turn to trim from non-NAFTA countries such as Australia and Uruguay.


The president of the National Farmers Union says grain companies want to force all farmers wishing to grow flax to purchase certified seed.

Terry Boehm says the companies are pushing the requirement for certified seed as a purported solution to the problem of the Triffid contamination in flax shipments to Europe.

Triffid is a genetically modified variety not approved in Europe, but the N-F-U believes that the proposed certified seed cure is the wrong one, and that there will be long-lasting and negative side-effects.


Wheat growers should keep fusarium risk in mind when planning for the 2010 crop.

The Canadian Wheat Board says the traditional risk area for the disease is the Red River Valley and along the southern boundary of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

But officials say the risk area is growing as fusarium levels are increasing in more regions.


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