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New Apples in Grey County


Thornbury orchard has new apple variety called Red Prince.


There's a new kid on the block in the apple growing regions of Grey County.

The new variety of apple is called The Red Prince.

Grower and distributor Kevin Martin says this new variety can be stored for very long periods of time with losing any of its best qualities....

Martin says it's just one of several new types of apples being grown by the industry including the Honey Crisp and Ambrosia that are being embraced by an apple loving public.


The Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear an appeal by the Canadian Wheat Board.

The board has been fighting the federal government over a directive preventing the board from pushing a pro-monopoly stance.

The court does not give reasons when it denies leave to appeal.

It dismissed the case with costs, though what financial hit that will put on the wheat board is not known.


A 10.5 million dollar research project in the U-S aimed at mapping the D-N-A sequence of sunflowers could one day yield a towering new variety for both food and fuel.

Researchers envision crossbreeding a standard sunflower with the Silverleaf species out of Texas to produce a hybrid with bright yellow flowers bursting with tasty seeds and thick stalks filled with complex sugars that can be turned into ethanol.

Scientists hope that within four years, they'll be able to develop a basis for a breeding program in which understanding of the plants' genes dramatically reduces the time it takes to develop hybrids.


Major grain handler and fertilizer supplier Viterra fell to a small loss in the fourth quarter as revenues tumbled 17.6 per cent on a significant decline in commodity prices from record highs a year earlier and the impact of higher costs related to its expansion into the Australian market.

Nevertheless, Viterra's president and chief executive described 2009 as a defining year for the company which, he says is in solid financial condition and is prepared for future expansion.


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