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Farmers Ready for New Ag Minister


Farmers plan to call for new risk management program.


Ontario's new Agriculture Minister already has people lining up at her doorstep.

Carol Mitchell should expect to hear from the Huron County Federation of Agriculture.

President Wayne Black says they want to talk about a new risk management program.

Black says it's a new plan from the Ontario Agriculture Sustainability Coalition.

Black says the program is a new insurance policy to protect farmers from heavy losses.

The plan will also be presented at next month's ROMA meeting.


The Canola Council of Canada reports no Canadian canola has reached China since the Chinese implemented new requirements in November.

President Joanne Buth says though the Chinese opened a limited number of ports -- Chinese importers have been unable to get import permits from their government.

She calls the situation frustrating, but she's pleased to see our government is putting pressure on the Chinese.


The 2010 outlook for cereal grain ranges from neutral to negative.

The Canadian Wheat Board estimates domestic durum acreage will drop 15 to 25 per cent.

Some industry analysts are forecasting some durum acres will move to lentils or canola this spring.


A University of Saskatchewan study says canola has a place in trout and salmon diets.

Researcher Murray Drew examined growth rates using a variety of feeds as partial replacements for expensive fish meal.

He found that canola and soybean meals were not very effective.

However, the results were better for canola protein concentrate.

Drew says it increased fish growth at moderate levels of about 15 per cent.


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