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New Ontario Agriculture Minister


Huron Bruce MPP Carol Mitchell is ready for new job.


The new Ontario Agriculture Minister is ready for the job.

Carol Mitchell -- the MPP for Huron Bruce -- takes over the portfolio from Leona Dombrowsky as part of the Premier's cabinet shuffle.

Mitchell feels she is prepared in many ways to take over the position.

And Mitchell says she knows the issues facing today's farmers.

Mitchell notes she has already consulted with her predecessor in the Ministry and will continue to do so whenever she needs advice.


Investors who are looking to capitalize on a growing global demand for food may find fertile ground in Canada's agricultural sector.

Ravi Sood -- the President of Lawrence Asset Management -- says the best way to get exposure to the industry is to invest in companies that provide fertilizers, chemicals, seeds and equipment to farmers.

Sood adds the good news for Canadians is that some of the key global suppliers are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Robert Winslow -- an analyst with Wellington West Capital Markets -- thinks it could be a good time to buy into the agricultural industry since grain prices look set to recover after being knocked down by the recent financial crisis.


A market analyst says a bumper South American soybean crop will likely keep canola prices in check for the coming year.

Larry Weber of Weber Commodities is forecasting prices in the 8.50 to 9.50 a bushel range.

He says the conservative estimate is due to large soybean crops expected in Brazil and Argentina.

El Nino is bringing plenty of rain and excellent growing conditions to both countries.


The Canadian Wheat Board says Japan is expected to buy close to 300 million dollars worth of Prairie grain this year.

Board spokesperson Darrel Bushuk expects grain sales to remain steady with last year's level.

Bushuk says Japan buys the top grade of wheat from Canada.


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