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Livestock Co-op AGM Set


Grey Bruce Livestock Co-op AGM will be held later this month.


The Grey Bruce Livestock Co-Operative has announced the date for its annual general meeting.

It will be held at 6:30 PM at the Wiarton arena on Thursday January 28th.

Tickets are now available for 15 dollars each.

For more information on the meeting or to purchase tickets -- call Leanne at (519) 371-3953.


The Keady Livestock Market has been off for the Christmas break.

But it will be open again next Tuesday January 19th with a good selection of quality stockers, cows and bulls on offer.


Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz has announced a canola market access plan aimed at addressing global trade issues for the Canadian canola industry.

Ritz has pledged 7.8 million dollars for the effort.

The Canadian canola industry has been hit with a number of international trade barriers in the last few months.

China is no longer taking Canadian canola unless it is certified as free of the blackleg fungus -- and the U-S also has implemented a zero-tolerance policy on salmonella in canola meal.


Malt barley producers can expect a price increase in the near future.

The Canadian Wheat Board has recommended the federal government raise the initial payment for malt barley.

The approval process can take four to 10 weeks.


Flax growers are being urged to get their seed tested for genetically modified material before planting this spring.

The European Union -- Canada's largest flax customer -- stopped imports in September after tiny traces of G-M material were found.

The E-U standard is very stringent at one-100th of a per cent.

The G-M material came from an old variety of flax called C-D-C Triffid -- which was de-registered in 2001.

Grain companies are saying they will not accept flax in the coming year without a testing certificate.

The 105-dollar testing fee has to be paid by the producer.


Despite poor planting conditions, a cool and wet growing season, and an incomplete harvest -- American corn growers shattered records for both yield per acre and total production last year.

In the January crop production report -- the U-S Agriculture Department estimates farmers averaged 165.2 bushels of corn per acre.

That is up from its previous estimate of 162.9 and shattered the previous record of 160.4 in 2004.

The record yield helped produce the largest corn crop ever -- 13.2 billion bushels.

All of this occurred despite one of the slowest and most challenging harvests on record.


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