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Last Day for Farmers Week


Crops Day will be held at Elmwood Community Centre.


Hundreds of farmers are expected back at the Elmwood Community Centre today.

It's the last day for Grey Bruce Farmers Week - and the focus today is Crops Day.

There are several presentations dealing with how farmers can get more support from the public.

There will also be discussion about pesticides and how farmers can protect water resources.


The president of Pro Farmer Canada is offering a different take on the rising value of the Canadian dollar.

Mike Jubinville says the increasing value of the loonie may not be all bad for grain and oilseed producers -- as long as the increase is slow and steady.

He says there's a positive correlation between the value of the dollar and commodity markets.


The group called Friends of the Wheat Board say they will press on with court action against the federal government.

The group is upset about a directive letter on board elections from the minister in charge of the agency.

The letter concerns who should be on the voters list.

The group accuses Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz of attacking the democratic rights of farmers.


The president of Viterra says his company is well-positioned to take advantage of improved crop prospects in Australia.

Viterra completed a 1.4 billion dollar take-over of A-B-B grain of Australia last fall.

Mayo Schmidt expects Viterra Australia to handle about 7 million tonnes of grain this year -- that is double the previous year's level.


Parent Seeds -- based in St. Joseph, Manitoba -- has a new name.

The company was recently taken over by Alliance Grain Traders.

The company is now known as Saskcan Parent.


And Europeans think Canada's hemp seed industry is the most advanced in the world.

Canah Green Living in Romania says Europeans view the Canadian hemp industry as their model.

One analyst says Europe is 5 years behind Canada in developing its hemp industry -- because they don't understand the difference between hemp and marijuana.


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