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Popular Weekend for Farmers


Thousands will attend the events at Grey Bruce Farmers Week.


A lot of area farmers and others will be trotting down to Elmwood to attend Farmers Week events this weekend.

Today is Goat Day, tomorrow is Sheep Day and Sunday is Horse Day.

Grey County Agricultural Representative Ray Robertson says Horse Day has turned into one of Farmers Weeks' big attractions.

One of the seminars for Horse Day is how to reduce your environmental hoofprint.

Grey Bruce Farmers Week will wrap up on Monday for Crop Day -0 and will see discussions about the economics of the cash crop industry and how convince the public to support local farmers.


A study has been ordered into the environmental and health effects of producing ethanol and biodiesel after other countries found facilities that make renewable fuels could be behind problems with air, water and human health.

Environment Canada is now looking for a firm to come up with environmental benchmarks for biofuel production.

A government contract document says "there is now evidence of implications to the environment from biofuels-based ethanol production facilities.''

The study comes after other countries apparently found facilities that make renewable fuels could be behind a host of health and environmental problems.

A report is due by the end of March.

It wasn't clear what environmental or health problems were associated with biofuel production.


Shares of fertilizer producer Mosaic continued to rise despite a big, 89 per cent drop in the company's fiscal second quarter earnings.

Mosaic cited lower sales and prices as among the reasons for the disappointed earnings results.

Earlier this week -- the Minnesota based company issued layoff notices to a thousand people at its 2 operations in Saskatchewan.


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