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Dairy Takes Centre Stage


Today is Dairy Day at Grey Bruce Farmers Week.


Grey Bruce Farmers Week continues -- Today is Dairy day.

Grey County Agricultural Services representative Ray Robertson says some of the events taking place today will be a loss prevention seminar for Dairy farmers and the latest on farmers who can use bio gas to generate power.

Robertson says Dairy Day begins a little later than other days to allow the farmers to get their milking done.

Robertson says new trends in the dairy industry also will be discussed during the morning session.

Plus there will be an update on the Environmental Farm plan and Growing Your Profits program in the afternoon.


One of the most criticized companies in the agriculture industry has been named company of the year by Forbes magazine.

Monsanto is being recognized for its economic achievement -- despite the challenges the company has had with image over the past decade.

Monsanto Canada spokeswoman Trish Jordan says they welcome the recognition.

She believes the award is a sign that the world is shifting its attention to agriculture as Monsanto was chosen over companies in many other sectors.


Monsanto -- the world's biggest seed maker -- says it lost 19 million dollars in the first quarter.

It says global sales of its popular Roundup herbicide sank in the face of generic competition.


The Canadian Wheat Board has an ambitious grain export program this crop year.

Chair Larry Hill says the export target has been revised upward by 2 million tonnes to 18.7 million tonnes.

He says it would be second only to the record set in the year 2000 when shipments exceeded 19 million tonnes.

Hill says Prairie farmers harvested a great crop last fall and the agency wants to move as much as possible to market.


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