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Animal Antibiotic Recall


Health Canada has recalled lot of Longisil prescription drug.


Federal Liberal agriculture critic Wayne Easter says the Conservative government did not offer support to producers in need in 2009.

Easter describes the situation that faced hog producers in 2009 as an absolute disaster -- while beef producers were also in what he describes as a terrible situation.

He says the government should have made changes to the business risk management programs -- noting far less money reached farmers pockets in 2009 through some of the margin-based programs.

Easter accuses Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz of taking a "boy scout'' approach to international trade issues such as Country Of Origin Labelling.

He says Canada needs to take an aggressive stance on trade issues like COOL.


An antibiotic for animals is being recalled because of reports of allergic reaction.

Health Canada says the recalled lot of the prescription drug Longisil comes packaged in three different vial sizes.

Longisil is a form of penicillin administered by injection that is used to treat various infections.

While mainly used to treat large animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs and horses -- the drug is sometimes used to combat infections in cats and dogs.


A natural gas well that has provided farmers in Ontario with heat for more than 70 years could be shut down.

The Ministry of Natural Resources wants Hector Murray to close the well that sits on his property.

Murray and his wife will likely have to pay more than 15-thousand dollars to plug the well.

He says after three years of fighting he's still not sure why the province wants to shut it down.

A ministry spokeswoman says the government will look into the case.


More Canadian malting barley may be headed to China this year.

Bob Cuthbert, of the Canadian Wheat Board, says demand for malt barley is growing by leaps and bounds in China.

Meanwhile, the domestic Chinese barley crop was weak this last year.

Cuthbert says Australia has also suffered from a number of quality issues, further opening the door to Canadian malting barley.


The Canadian Wheat Board is looking for expanded grain sales following a series of trade missions around the world this fall.

Spokesperson Graham Worden was part of a team that met with more 600 grain buyers from 14 countries.

He says the Canadian group highlighted the quality and quantity of this fall's grain crop.

The trade seminars included stops in Japan, North Africa, Europe, China and other centres in southeast Asia.


Viterra is hoping for a strong year for its newly purchased subsidiary, A-B-B Grain.

Spokeswoman Colleen Vancha says crop production affects grain company profits and Australia had suffered drought.

But she says crop production is above normal, and the financial picture should be much improved at Viterra's "down-under'' subsidiary.

Viterra completed its 1.4 billion dollar take over of A-B-B Grain in Australia in late September.


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