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More Farm Profit Challenges


Farm consultant says local food movement helping profit lines.


An agriculture consultant says farmers still face an uphill battle as they try to increase their profit margin.

George Schrijver of WCM Consulting says competition around the world is bringing prices down.

Some farmers are thinking about growing corn to produce ethanol -- but Schrijver warns that may not be the way to go.

However, Schrijver notes the growing popularity of 100 mile markets is helping the bottom line of local farmers.


The federal government is spending 400 thousand dollars to evaluate and promote new varieties of malting barley that Canadian growers can plant and export to niche markets around the world.

The money will fund a project to target key markets for malt barley in Taiwan and India and provide technical support for Canadian producers.


The global economic recovery will be the focus of GrainWorld 2010.

It is Canada's leading annual grain industry conference and it's being held in February.

The event brings the grains, oilseeds and livestock industries together with farmers, academics and government policy makers.

Together, participants examine trends and outlooks for all major agricultural sectors and focus on how to make the most of upcoming opportunities.


The federal government is spending 780-thousand dollars to test biodiesel under farm field conditions in Saskatchewan.

Officials say a key part of the study will look at engine performance in cold weather.

The feds hope to implement a two per cent renewable fuel requirement in diesel by 2011.


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