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Markdale Farmer Wins Battle


Markdale organic farmers wins battle with Turkey Farmers of Ontario.


It's the best Christmas present a turkey could ever get, next to being spared from the oven.

At an organic turkey farm, near Markdale they get to run free.

A dispute between a Markdale organic turkey producer and the Turkey Farmers of Ontario has been resolved with the help of Provincial Agriculture Minister.

Matthew Dick was upset over a new rule  that all turkeys had to be housed under one roof over fears they could be exposed to avian flu.

Dick says an agreement has been reached to allow his birds to remain out doors.

While other agricultural producers are struggling, Dick says because of supply management, his Turkey operation is doing quite well.


115 producer bids were accepted in the second round of the federal government's hog farm transition program.

The weighted average was just under 873 dollars -- with accepted bids ranging from 370 dollars to one thousand and 34 dollars.

The money will be used to remove 43 thousand sows, 99 thousand weaners and 124 thousand market hogs from the pork market.

Another 25 million dollars has been set aside for the third round of the program, scheduled to be held January 20th.


The Canadian Cattleman's Association hopes the World Trade Organization will rule in Canada's favour over U-S country of origin labelling laws.

President Brad Wildeman says cattle producers have lost almost a quarter of a million dollars -- as prices continued to fall because of strict packaging policies in the United States.

But Wildeman notes once Canadian beef hits U-S store shelves, it sells just fine.


The United States is counting on cows to help save the planet.

U-S Agriculture has announced an agreement with the American dairy industry to reduce the industry's greenhouse gas emissions 25 per cent by 2020.

The plan calls for more American farmers to collect manure and purchase digesters -- which essentially converts cow manure into electricity.

But the problem is so far -- only 2 per cent of dairy farmers are using the technology because it is too expensive.

Agriculture accounts for about 7 per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.


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