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Funding for Pulse Research


Huron County research facility gets federal grant.


The federal government is helping a Huron County research facility continue with pulse industry innovations.

The Huron Research station will be getting 772-thousand dollars worth of funding for Pulse Canada to develop a herbicide that will dry crops faster for easier harvesting.

Lead Researcher Chris Gillard says they're working to help out all pulse crop growers across the country.

Gillard says they want to come up with something that will provide excellent weed control but is also environmentally friendly.


As farm experts met in Copenhagen to talk about agriculture's role in climate change -- some farmers in Canada offered another solution to farming's cost on the environment.

The National Farmers Union says farmers need to "relocalize" agriculture.

That includes bringing local food to farmer's markets -- but also bringing local beef packing plants and processing facilities into communities.


New concerns are being raised about the ripple effect if the Canadian Wheat Board is eliminated.

Manitoba Liberal Leader Joe Gerrard says the province will lose up to 500 jobs if a World Trade Organization proposal to wipe out the board goes through.

Several W-T-O countries are seeking to abolish Canada's single desk grain marketing system -- claiming it restricts trade, competition and unfairly subsidizes Canadian farmers.


The Canadian Wheat Board is defending its CashPlus program after complaints about the latest payments.

Some industry groups say the wheat board has held back producer money and allege some contracts are worth more than what producers receive.

But officials argue contracts vary -- so payouts are based on average.


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