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More Workshops for Farmers


Time is running out to register for more farm workshops in Bruce County.


Time is running out to register for more agricultural workshops in Bruce County.

There is a Growing Your Profits course that be held in Teeswater this Friday.

There is also an Environmental Farm Plan workshop scheduled for next Monday.

Funding is available for farmers interested in both programs.

For more information or to register -- call Jayne at 367-5930.


There are some familiar faces on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture.

Six people have been acclaimed to the board.

Joe Vermunt will represent Zone 7 which includes Huron Perth -- and Mark Reusser was also acclaimed for Zone 9 which includes Dufferin County.


The federal government has tabled back to work legislation to end the strike at C-N Rail -- and the bill is expected to pass within days.

The 17 hundred locomotive engineers walked off the job on the weekend.,

Farm officials were concerned a long strike could disrupt commodity shipments and force exporters to pay fees for ships waiting in port.


The Manitoba Enhancement Council is looking for producer input on new strategies, programs and initiatives to help put the livestock industry on the road to recovery.

Executive director Kate Butler says livestock farmers need to start thinking on a global scale and look at tapping into markets which value Canadian beef.

She claims country of origin labelling laws in the U-S are hurting producers.


A researcher has found a way to reduce toxin in cottonseed to make it edible for humans.

The newly engineered seed could show up in protein bars, shakes, breads, cookies and other foods within about 10 years.

Until now -- cottonseed could only be eaten by cattle -- whose multiple stomachs gradually digest the poisonous substance called gossypol.

Researchers say the amount of cotton already grown worldwide contains enough protein to feed 500 million people a year.


Several big sales at this year's Canadian Western Agribition which wrapped up Saturday in Regina.

The top price was 67-thousand-500 dollars for a half interest in a Charolais Bull Calf.

A Red Angus Bull fetched 26-thousand dollars.

Sales were made to buyers in six provinces, five U-S states, as well as Scotland, New Zealand and Australia.


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