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A Calender of Farm People


The 2010 Faces of Farming Calender features a Formosa farmer.


It's back by popular demand.

The Ontario Farm Animal Council has released the 2010 Faces of Farming Calendar.

Program Manager Kelly Daynard says this year's publication features a record number of Ontario farmers and farm families.

But she notes they are more than just farmers -- they are valued, well spoken and intelligent community members.

And there is another local connection in this year's calender -- Formosa area crop farmer Blair Scott is Mr. November.


The Canadian Pork Council says the next few weeks will show whether the federal hog industry loan loss reserve program is effective.

Some early applicants have already received approval from their lenders.

But the Council says even with the federal government backing the loans, lenders may be reluctant to hand over the money.

Producers must present a viable business plan before being approved.


Market analysts are waiting to see the quality of the American corn crop.

Despite being in the middle of the second largest harvest in history -- a lack of high quality corn is keeping prices high.

Officials report problems with moisture content, lower test weights and mould -- many of the same issues seen in southern Manitoba.


Continued good late-season weather allowed farmers to bring in remaining crops last week.

Harvest is now virtually complete across the Prairies for wheat, durum and barley.

The 2009 harvest is one of the latest on record -- and stretched out more than one month longer than average.


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