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Register for Farm Meetings


Call is out to register for farm workshops in Grey County.


There are two more farm meetings being held in Grey County this week. 

An environmental farm workshop is being held on Wednesday and a Growing Your Farm profits workshop is being held on Friday.

To register -- call 986-3756.


The National Farmers Union says Ottawa must stand up for farm marketing systems in Canada.

NFU Spokesperson Colleen Ross believes Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz will return from upcoming World Trade Organization talks empty-handed and allow the Canadian Wheat Board to be dismantled at the request of the U-S and European Union.

She says the government has its own agenda -- which includes reducing the Canadian Wheat Board's monopoly of Canada's grain market.


Farm equipment maker Ag Growth International is repeating the benefit of a good harvest and improving credit conditions.

The company posted a 15.1 million dollar profit in the third quarter -- up 55 per cent from the year earlier,

Ag Growth manufactures grain handling, storage and conditioning equipment.


Big Sky Farms -- the largest hog producer in Saskatchewan -- has applied for creditor protection.

The company points to what it calls an unprecedented downturn in the North American pork market for the move.


Hard-pressed farmers in Saskatchewan who are unable to harvest their crops due to poor weather are getting a break on cash advances.

The federal government says farmers will be able to receive an advance on their unharvested crop if they have crop insurance.


The president of the Dairy Farmers of Canada says we might be on the home stretch when it comes to this round of negotiations at the World Trade Organization.

W-T-O members have been working on the current deal since 2001.

Jacques Laforge says, if talks don't collapse completely -- he sees a deal being reached in the next few years.

He says if the U-S, European Union, Brazil and China start to work together, the deal could move ahead quickly.


China has made some concessions but the Canola Council of Canada says trade between the two countries will be limited.

Last month, the Chinese announced it would require certificates saying canola imports were 100 per cent free of the fungal disease blackleg.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says that is impossible because blackleg is found in all major canola producing countries.

As of November 15th -- Canadian canola will only be allowed into a handful of Chinese provinces.

It cannot be delivered in 19 provinces, including the majority of ports used by Canadian exporters.

The Canola Council of Canada estimates the directive will restrict 70 per cent of Canadian canola seed export sales to China.


Toronto's annual Royal Agricultural Winter Fair wrapped up on the weekend with a visit from a very wealthy guest -- Missy the Million Dollar Cow.

The three-year-old dairy cow, bred in P.E.I. and previously owned by Alberta's Morsan Farms, was sold at auction Thursday for 1.2 million dollars.

The sale -- to 2 buyers from the U-S and Denmark -- makes Missy only the second cow in Canada to crack the million dollar mark.


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