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CFFO Ready for Meeting


Christian Farmers prepare for annual meeting.


This fall's cattle markets are extremely volatile.

Anne Dunford of Gateway Livestock Exchange says the Canadian dollar value is bouncing the market up and down.

She says it's impacting the fall calf run, which started later than normal.

The run has also seen smaller since fewer calves were born in spring.

Dunford says fewer calves will likely have a positive effect on prices heading into the end of the year.

Calf prices have been very low for the last several months.


A special workshop about dealing with farm animals and reducing stress will be held next week at the Elmwood Community Centre.

The guest speaker is Doctor Temple Grandin -- a Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University.

She will speak next Thursday about how farmers can reduce stress while handling livestock and prevent behaviour problems with animals.

To register for the event -- call 986-3756 before the end of this week.


The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario is holding its annual convention in Waterloo tomorrow.

The theme is "Farming with Mom and Dad".

President Henry Stevens says they want to focus on the next generation of farmers.

The keynote speaker is American Daniel Salatin -- who grew up in the family farm business and will look at new opportunities for farming families.


The National Farmers Union says Canadian food policy is hurting the family farm.

Several producers gathered in Alberta last week to discuss the agricultural framework and implications of food policy on the collective future of farm families

The group claims most of the current agricultural and food policy is aimed in support of large agribusiness interests and is not helping the typical family farm.

The N-F-U is calling for a new food policy which recognizes the importance of local food providers and their surrounding communities.


The new leader of Ontario's Green Party is hoping is agricultural expertise will win over voters.

Mike Schreiner was the only candidate at the party's leadership convention on the weekend.

He grew up on a Kansas farm four decades ago which is where he says his green principles sprouted.


Some experts say China's move to restrict access to Canadian canola is purely political.

Starting this week -- the Chinese are not accepting the oilseed from Canada unless it can be tested and certified free from the fungus black leg.

However, R-B-C economist Bill Mitchell says the move could also be an attempt to artificially lower canola prices.

Canola futures prices have dropped almost 20 dollars a tonne since China made the announcement.


A new study says yellow pea flower can help create tasty low glycemic foods.

Researchers from the University of Manitoba have found things like banana bread and biscotti produced a lower glycemic response when baked with pea flower, as opposed to whole wheat flower.

A lower glycemic response decreases blood glucose levels and the demand for insulin, thereby reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes.


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