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Beef Packers Want Help


Results for Hog Farm Transition program as packers ask for money.


The federal government wants to address some of the challenges facing younger farmers.

Over the next few weeks -- Agriculture State and National Revenue Minister Jean Pierre Blackburn will have roundtable discussions with agriculture students and future farmers.

The discussions will centre around young people who want to farm and on charting solutions that will help them start their business and explore more opportunities to grow and diversify their operations.

Blackburn says he wants input directly from farmers when adopting new agriculture policies.

He will be holding meetings with agriculture students and academics in B-C, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.


Results are in for the first tender under the hog farm transition program.

Of the 261 bids submitted -- 74 were approved and will receive a share of the 10.5 million dollars allocated for the first round of tendering.

The 74 bids resulted in 22-thousand sows, 44-thousand weaners and 60-thousand hogs being taken out of the market for the next three years.

Those whose bids were not approved will be sent a second bid form to reapply for the second auction.

That deadline has been rescheduled for December 9th.


Canadian beef packers and producers are asking the federal government to provide compensation for complying with B-S-E control measures.

The industry wants a 24 million dollar payment or almost 32 dollars a head for cattle over 30 months of age.

The money would cover the cost of removing specific risk materials.

The amount is the difference between what Canadian packers pay and how much U-S packers pay to remove specific risk material from older animals.


There is a Growing Your Farm Profits Workshop in Markdale today.

The program focuses on a number of farm management areas -- from production to marketing to succession planning.

A second workshop is being held next Friday.

There is also an environmental farm workshop in Markdale next Wednesday.

Funding is available for both programs.

For registration or more information -- call the Grey Agricultural Services office at 986-3756.


Federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz is in Japan hoping to open up new export opportunities for Canada.

Ritz is meeting with newly elected officials and kickstarting an initiative in Japan with an initial investment of one million dollars.

He once again raised Canada's long-standing request for greater access for its beef in the Japanese market.

Access for Canadian beef exports to Japan is currently restricted to products from animals under 21 months of age.


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