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Grey County Farm Workshops.


Time to register for environment and profit farm workshops.


Farmers are encouraged to sign up for a number of meetings being held over the next couple of weeks.

The Growing Your Farm Profits Workshop is being held in Markdale tomorrow and next Friday.

The program focuses on several farm management areas -- from production to marketing to succession planning.

There is also an environmental farm workshop in Markdale today.

But farmers can register for the next environmental session next Wednesday.

Funding is available to help farmers with both programs.

For more information and to register -- call 986-3756.


Stats Canada says last year was a good one for the country's grain and oilseed producers -- but livestock producers, especially hog farmers, had it rough.

The agency reports rising feed costs and virtually flat market prices combined to put the squeeze on some farmers as production and inventory of both hogs and cattle fell significantly.

But large production of grains and oilseeds, along with higher prices, contributed to an increase in farm cash receipts in 2008.

Total farm cash receipts increased 10.9 per cent thanks mostly to crop receipts.


Compliance has been near-perfect so far under the Federal Cull Breeding Swine Program.

In exchange for a payout -- hog producers agreed not to house breeding swine in their facilities for a period of three years.

Random audits of these culled operations are now being conducted.

Officials say about 90 of the first 100 random audits have been completed and most producers are following the rules.

For those farmers who are not in compliance -- they are obligated to return any money received.


With harvest several weeks behind normal -- the Canadian Grain Commission has pushed back the deadline for submissions in it's Harvest Sample Program.

Jan Knight says foreign buyers of Canadian grain are aware of the challenging weather conditions that prairie farmers dealt with this year.

She says the commission now needs to assure these customers that Canadian grain is of the same quality that they've purchased in other years.

The number of sample submissions this year is lower then it's been the last few years.


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