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Farm Business Meetings


Two farm business meetings are being held today.


A Farm Business Development workshop is being held in Southampton today.

It's called 'Growing Your Profits' and farmers can get planning information and resources to maximize their long term business goals.

Officials will assess your current farm management practices and develop action plans to reach your goals.

There is also funding available for approved action plans.


An OMAFRA Farm Tax Seminar is also being held at the Hanover legion today.

Lawyers, accountants and other financial professionals will learn more about tax, business and legal matters related to farm business activities.


Hog producers from across the country are submitting bids for the Federal Hog Transition program.

The Canadian Pork Council says there has been a lot of interest of producers, but they don't have a firm number on how many applications have been submitted.

Producers are submitting tenders indicating how much money they would require to exit the industry for three years.

They'll start with the lowest bid and move up until 10 million dollars has been accounted for.


Bison markets have enjoyed a less than stellar week.

Despite a lower Canadian dollar, markets remained under pressure, with A-1 bulls dropping by about 10 cents a pound.


The federal government is trumpeting Canada's success at the largest agri-food show in the world.

National Revenue Minister Jean Pierre Blackburn says Canada's participation at the trade show in Germany created 146 million dollars in benefits.

He adds the fair is a great opportunity to promote the exceptional and innovative quality of Canadian agri-food products.


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