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Hog Funding On The Way


First assistance money handed out for hog farmers.


Hog farmers leaving the industry under a transition program should see assistance money within the next few weeks.

The first 10 million dollars designed to pay producers to shut down production facilities in a bid to reduce the hog supply is to be paid at the end of this month.

75 million dollars in total is available under the program.


The federal government is giving Canada Pork International 550-thousand dollars to promote pork exports.

This money will help the organization develop a promotional campaign for Canadian pork in international markets.

The campaign includes obtaining, maintaining and enhancing access to markets, providing producers with market information, technical support, promotional and advocacy tools, and addressing regulatory and logistic challenges.


The University of Western Ontario has opened a new 5 million dollar biofuel facility.

Officials also unveiled the first sale of a university-developed harvester that turns agricultural byproducts into a material for creating fuels, chemicals and fertilizers.

The portable unit can be hauled from one farm field to the next to process waste such as corn husks into a solid bio-char and bio-oil.

This material then becomes an eco-friendly ingredient in fertilizers, fuels and chemicals, including environmentally friendly insecticides and pesticides.


Crop production is expected to be significantly lower this year.

A new report from Stats Canada reveals Prairie farmers will produce less of every major grain this year - with the exception of spring wheat in Manitoba.

But in Ontario and Quebec -- farmers report potential increases in soybean production.

Still, Canola production is expected to fall 18.9 per cent from last year.

Barley should drop by almost 24 per cent, and oat production could decrease by as much as 36.4 per cent.

Stats Canada says less than desirable summer growing conditions and late crop advancement lead to the lower production estimates.


The European Union's farm chief has promised 420 million dollars for a special milk fund to ease the plight of dairy farmers facing fallout from the financial crisis.

Officials say they are forced to empty out their pockets to meet the demands of 21 of 27 member states and the tens of thousands of farmers who have protested over the last few months.

Hundreds of farmers have converged outside the meetings for peaceful demonstrations.

Uproar across Europe has increased for weeks as the financial crisis has undermined prices and pushed ever more farmers toward bankruptcy.


And American Ag Department officials say pigs in Minnesota may have tested positive for the H-1-N-1 virus in a preliminary test -- which would be the first U-S cases in swine.

They cautioned further tests were needed to confirm that the pigs had been infected with H-1-N-1, also known as swine flu virus.

The pigs did not exhibit signs of sickness and may have been infected with the virus by a group of children carrying it.

Samples from the pigs that may have tested positive were collected at the Minnesota State Fair between August 26th and September 1st.


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