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Big Weights at Pumpkinfest


Results from weigh offs at Pumpkinfest in Port Elgin.


Sunday at Pumpkinfest in Port Elgin saw another round of giant pumpkins and other vegetables.

The largest pumpkin at 1339.5 pounds at Sunday's weigh-off belongs to John Vincent of Picton. 

That's just over 300 pounds less than the Canadian record set on Saturday by Jane and Phil Hunt of Cameron, Ontario.

Their big pumpkin topped the scales at 1,678 pounds.

Vincent decided to enter in Sunday's competition instead of the one on Saturday.

He says giant vegetable growers are a close-knit group, and it's not unusual for them to decide to enter in a different weigh-off if they know another grower is bringing something of a similar size.

As for the fate of his giant pumpkins, Vincent says they often get put on display at fairs, supermarkets, or restaurants.

He rents the pumpkins out because he wants to be able to keep the seeds from them.

Vincent also won in five other categories on Sunday -- including largest gourd at 118.25 inches, largest sunflower at 185 inches, largest cabbage at 50.5 pounds, and largest tomato at 3.23 pounds.

The largest squash on Sunday, weighing 805 pounds belongs to Doug Court of Port Elgin.

Court says at its peak, the squash grew 30 pounds per day, he was continually making sure it was properly fertilized and free of insects.

Court got the winning seed from grower Bob MacKenzie of Tiverton, and says he was so impressed with it that he'll grow the same variety again next year.

MacKenzie is the winner of the first ever Fred Wuerth Memorial Tri-County Growers Award, named after one of Pumpkinfest's founders and a former Mayor of Port Elgin.

It goes to the grower from Bruce, Grey, or Huron counties with the largest pumpkin in the Sunday weigh-off.

MacKenzie, whose pumpkin weighs 996 pounds, says it means a lot to win the award.

In other giant vegetable categories, the largest, 150.5 pound watermelon belongs to Tyler Leonard of Wyevale.

The longest cornstalk at 237 inches was grown by John Lyons of Baltimore, Ontario.

The largest sunflower face, 23 inches in diameter, belongs to Courtney Ashton of Port Elgin.


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