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Waiting for Tornado Aid


Apple producers in Grey County waiting for financial help.


Unlike the tornado that roared through the Blue Mountains in late August -- compensation from the province is moving at a snails pace.

Brian Gilroy is the chair of the Ontario Apple Growers Association.

He says because this situation is so unique, it will take time to get compensation from the provincial government.

Gilroy is also hopeful there will be some Federal help as well.

As for the situation regarding Greg Ardiel -- a young farmer just starting out in the business -- Gilroy is hopeful the Ministry of Agriculture will make an exception and provide some compensation for him as well.

Ardiel had just purchased his apple orchard, and had not yet had a harvest -- therefore was not eligible for any form of disaster relief.


The canola industry is receiving help from Ottawa to reach new production targets.

The federal government is investing just over 3 million dollars towards new promotion and marketing strategies for canola.

The funding will also help the industry reach its goal of producing and sustaining demand for 15 million tonnes of canola by 2015.

In 2008, the canola sector added 14.1 billion dollars to the Canadian economy.


Another week of near-ideal weather has brought the western Canadian harvest to 76 per cent complete.

That's only slightly behind the average of 78 per cent at this time of year.


A U-N agency warns the climate change will badly affect agriculture and hit developing nations hardest -- leading to unreliable food production and higher prices.

The Food and Agriculture Organization says climate change will push food prices moderately up until 2050.

After that, prices will rise more significantly in line with further increases in temperatures.

The Rome-based agency estimates that until 2050 developing countries may experience a decline of between 9 and 21 per cent in potential farm productivity.


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