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Canning Safely This Harvest Season


Canning season underway and Health Unit offers safety tips.


It's harvest time and that means many people across Grey Bruce are busy canning.

The Grey Bruce Health Unit says the age-old tradition of preserving food can be extremely safe if done properly -- but there are some potential health concerns.

One of them -- according to Public Health Inspector Svet Milanopulus -- is botulism.

There are only 2 proper methods for home canning to ensure the bacteria is killed.

The boil water method can be used for high-acid foods -- such as fruits, pickles and james.

The pressure canning method must be used for low-acid foods -- such as meat, milk and fresh vegetables.


A survey of 43-hundred farmers and agribusinesses across Canada indicates that despite poor economic times -- there's optimism in the industry.

Farm Credit Canada says two-thirds of respondents feel they are better off now than they were five years ago.

The survey shows respondents would encourage friends and family to get into agriculture -- although farm input costs remain a challenge.


Hail insurance claims in Manitoba have risen slightly in September.

Nearly 800 new claims were made largely because of storms that hit the southeast region.

In Saskatchewan, approximately 4 thousand claims have been filed this year -- including 700 during September.

The last month has been quiet for hail claims in Alberta -- where the total now stands at over 19 hundred.


The largest organic farm in the United States is facing some serious allegations.

Aurora Dairy in Colorado is being accused of failing to graze their dairy cattle as required by the federal organic standards.

An industry watchdog alleges the farm has been confining their dairy cows in giant barns and pens instead of being allowed to graze on fresh forage.


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