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New Farm Project in Meaford


Meaford helps agriculture with rezoning of 100 acres of land.


Meaford is plowing the way for a new farm project in the former Sydenham Township.

Council has approved a zoning change for a 100 acre farm operation that will create a demonstration site for sustainable agriculture and living.

Mayor Francis Richardson feels this is a good project for farming in their community.

The owners of the land have told Meaford they want to construct a new, environmentally conscious farm building which will serve as an office and educational space.

It would have a washroom as well as bedroom to house farm help and guests.


The Conservative government plans to implement all 57 recommendations made by a probe into last year's deadly listeriosis outbreak. 

It will mean hiring more than 100 new food safety staff.

Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz says will help bolster Canada's food-safety system.

Ritz adds it will cost 75 million dollars over three years.

22 Canadian deaths were linked to the listeriosis crisis.


Canola and soybean values are expected to take a beating over the next six months.

Market analyst Don Bousquet predicts oilseed prices will drop rapidly starting next year, -- due to record production expected in South America and increased inventory out of Brazil.


The National Farmers Union says contamination of Canadian flax exports could threaten trade markets in Europe.

The European Commission's rapid alert system for food and feed confirmed Canadian exports of flax carried some genetically modified variants.

The N-F-U says that jeopardizes sales to Europe where producers fear G-M flax could destroy markets and forced it out of production eight years ago.

Flax prices have fallen by almost 3 dollars a bushel since, and European buyers have grown more wary of purchasing Canadian product.


The Canadian Farmers Almanac is predicting another tough winter across the Prairies.

The almanac is taking credit for predicting last winter would be far below normal.

It predicts it will again be colder than normal for most of Canada this year -- except on the east and west coats.

Last week, the Old Farmers Almanac said all of Canada would face temperatures below normal this winter.

The Canadian Farmers Almanac says next spring will be wet and summer will be hot in Saskatchewan.


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