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All Jersey Milk Operation


Ontario's first all Jersey milk dairy operation is near Creemore.


Ontario's first all Jersey milk dairy operation is just outside of Creemore.

The ground was broken on the operation last week -- and will be run by John Miller and his wife Marie.

The farm has about 120 milking cows that are purebred Jersey cows -- and they are expected to produce 60 thousand litres of milk a month.

Miller is hoping the dairy will be built by early September.


A farm workers' union confirms a Jamaican migrant worker has died in a truck accident on a Paris area tobacco farm.

U-F-C-W Canada says it's the sixth death of a Jamaican migrant worker on an Ontario farm over the past decade.

The worker was killed while driving a pickup truck that was towing a trailer packed with tobacco.

The union is calling for improved safety along with workplace and labour rights for all farm workers.


The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has expanded a warning about meat sold by an Edmonton company due to concerns about listeria.

The C-F-I-A is warning us NOT to consume the ready to eat meat products sold from Beverly Meats that were made between August 4th and August 17th.

There have been no reported illnesses associated with the products.

Beverly Meats is voluntarily recalling the affected products from the marketplace.


Federal Ag Minister Gerry Ritz says meetings organized by the Canadian Wheat Board for producers over the past week have seemed like carbon copies of each other.

Ritz says he's disappointed the board chair and several directors have said the board will cease to exist without the single desk.

Ritz adds he would hate to see them sink the ship without giving it a chance to float in different waters.


And the Minneapolis Grain Exchange has opened the door to delivery of Canadian wheat against its hard red spring wheat futures contract.

The exchange's board of directors have voted to remove the requirement that delivered wheat must be of U-S origin.


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