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Agriculture Report

FCC Hands Out Cash


FCC shows 6.2 million dollars in payments made.


Farm Credit Canada's annual report shows the agricultural lender approved 6.2 billion dollars in payments to farmers, processors and suppliers.

More than 42 thousand loans were disbursed -- with an average size of 146 thousand dollars.

The Crown corporation says 1.6 billion dollars was loaned to young farmers under the age of 40.

Farm Credit Canada notes agriculture provides 1 of every 8 jobs in the country -- and contributes over 8 per cent to Canada's gross domestic product.


A University of Alberta scientist has figured out a way to transform cow parts into plastic.

David Bressler is trying to patent a process that turns cattle carcasses buried in land fills over mad cow concerns into plastic being tested for use in cars.

He says the product could earn ranchers some extra cash instead of them having to pay to have the risky cow materials dealt with.

Bressler uses water to break apart protein in cattle brains and spinal cords into small bits that can be bound together with a chemical.

He hopes to introduce the plastic to the market in 2 to 3 years.


Tyson Foods says its profit fell 21 per cent for its third fiscal quarter on higher grain costs and lagging results from its chicken business.

The company says demand for poultry has remained low as families cut back on restaurant dining and prepared meals.

But at the same time -- the cost of feeding a chicken has soared.


The Canadian Wheat Board says harvest is underway in Western Canada.

Crop analysts say about 30 per cent of winter wheat and two per cent of the barley crop is now in.

Progress is furthest ahead in Manitoba, where warm temperatures have accelerated development.

The spring-wheat harvest has also started in some areas.

Overall, the harvest is slightly behind average due to late planting this year.


Some farmers in Manitoba are having a tough time hiring employees for the harvest season.

Part of the problem is the low unemployment rate in the province.

Some farmers say it is also becoming more difficult to find the right people as jobs become more specialized.

Hiring foreign workers can also be a challenge because of language difficulties -- especially when training or teaching farm safety.


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